Multifunctional façades for renovation through industrialization





multi-functional envelope solutions, deep renovation, buildings


This Special Issue compiles results of EU H2020 funded projects working on the development of multi-functional envelope solutions for deep renovation of buildings. The projects have a common and aligned objective to develop and demonstrate plug & build smart components, including insulation materials, heating and cooling elements, ventilation, smart windows, energy production, solar harvesting, and storage with necessary connecting and controlling parts to be integrated in a prefabricated envelope system. They highlight that plug & build solutions are suitable for mass production by industry for buildings undergoing deep renovation to NZEB standards. They also underline that the development and implementation of digital based technologies can boost the application of such industrialized concepts.

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Founti, M., Avesani, S., & Elguezabal, P. (2023). Multifunctional façades for renovation through industrialization. Journal of Facade Design and Engineering, 11(2), V-VI.