Journal of Facade Design and Engineering 4 (2016)


  • Tillmann Klein TU Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Ulrich Knaack TU Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment




Dear JFDE Readers and Authors,

After four volumes of JFDE we can conclude that JFDE is still being seen as a ‘young’ journal just as the scientific area it is aiming to serve. In the past, building envelope related papers have been published in structure or building physics related journals. But with the development of the professional field the scientific community grows as well, and with it JFDE is enjoying more and more acknowledgement.

One result is that we have been able to become the scientific partner of two conferences: ‘Powerskin’ in January 2017 at the BAU building trade fair in Munich and the ICBEST International Conference on Building Envelopes Systems and Technologies, May 2017 in Istanbul. Both events will be covered in two special issues.

This development stimulates us to continuously evaluate the future scope of JFDE. In this sense, we are proud to present a new issue of JFDE with innovative contributions that target both the design and engineering of building envelopes.

Two papers focus on a better understanding of facades in a technical sense. The first one predicts light transmission trough complex fenestration systems including high incident directions, the other aims at understanding the increased thermal load, the effect on structural safety of insulated glass units and the implications for norms and regulations.

Two other contributions focus on novel applications: The first one looks at photocatalytic self-cleaning coatings for building façade maintenance. The application of Nano technologies is rather new and it is important to explore the potential it might provide to the discipline. The second one researches biomimetic inspired natural ventilation facades with integrated green.

Such combination is prototypic of the scope we envision for JFDE. A good mixture of technical and innovative contributions, always trying to relate science and practice, design and engineering.

The editors in chief,

Tillmann Klein

Ulrich Knaack

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