• Luca Morganti, Peru Elguezabal Esnarrizaga, Alessandro Pracucci, Theo Zaffagnini, Veronica Garcia Cortes, Andreas Rudenå, Birgit Brunklaus, Julen Astudillo Larraz

    To assist the sustainable development of the building sector, designers require tools illustrating the most viable design options. This paper, starting by presenting the opportunities and limitations of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology and Digital Product Passport (DPP) instrument when applied to Custom Modules for Curtain Walls, proposes a Semantic Data-driven Framework to facilitate the design of low-carbon and circular façade modules. Based on literature and the practical outcome of the H2020 project Basajaun, this framework integrates computer-aided technologies that...


Special issue on Circularity of Glass


The Special Issue on the Circularity of Glass of the Journal of Facade Design and Engineering will review the process, products and approaches that have worked well towards the circular use of glass related to facade design and construction and investigate how they can be suitable for upscaling and ready to be adapted in a different context.

Open for Submission: From 15 May 2024 to 31 July 2024

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