Editorial Vol 8 No 1 (2020)


  • Editor JFDE Delft University of Technology, Architecture and the Built Environment





Welcome to this new issue of our Journal of Façade Design and Engineering. We are very pleased to be able to release a new issue under the current global circumstances, to keep supporting research and the engineering of new technologies, materials, and methods for the design of our envelopes.

This special issue features a wide range of topics, stemming from research activities of members from the European Façade Network (EFN). The EFN seeks to advance and promote façade design and engineering at a European level and beyond, through inclusive collaboration between European Research centres, Universities, and alumni, resulting in skills and knowledge transfer in education, research, and development. Consequently, this special issue showcases a selection of research experiences presented at two scientific events sponsored by the EFN.

The first scientific event was the Conference “FACADES19” held in Lisbon on November 22nd, 2019, which was organised by Dr. Daniel Aelenei from the Department of Civil Engineering at NOVA School of Science and Technology. The second scientific event refers to a special “EFN session“ hosted at the Façade Tectonics 2020 World Congress, held online in August 2020. This session within the larger congress was coordinated by Daniel Artzmann, Mikkel Kragh, Annalisa Andaloro, and Ulrich Knaack. The selection of the papers from both events was based on their relevance to the scope of our journal and went through the double-blind peer review process of the JFDE.

We thank all supporters and contributors who made these events a success and especially the authors of the articles compiled in this issue.

The Editors in Chief,

Ulrich Knaack

Tillmann Klein

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